Review – The Lonely Merman and Lyle’s Story by Kay Berrisford

Today I’m reviewing the first two parts of The Landlocked Heart series, The Lonely Merman and Lyle’s Story. The two stories can be purchased separately in ebook, or together as a paperback edition!

As a lover of mermen, The Lonely Merman was a story I just had to read. The story is about Ben, a pretty ordinary guy, thirty years old and living with his parents. He’s trying to do his job, securing a potential hazard reported in the Shanty woods when he encounters an odd fellow named Lyle in the woods. Turns out, Lyle is essentially a merman, banished and cursed to live out his days in those woods.

Ben and Lyle make quite a pair. Ben is a level-headed, voice of reason guy who thinks he’s got things under control, and Lyle is over-dramatic and over-the-top.

I really enjoyed this book because it was a sweet story of true love with a bit of silliness, a lot of cuteness, and a light smattering of angst.

If you like sweet modern fairy-tale like romances and mermen, definitely check it out!

The second part in the series is called Lyle’s Story, and it picks up just after the end of the first book. The bulk of this part explains exactly what happened at the end of book one, from Lyle’s point of view. I enjoyed getting inside Lyle’s head, and learning a bit more about his family. This part plays a lot on Lyle and Ben’s insecurities in their relationship. Even though most of the book takes place basically in one spot and explaining in more detail what Lyle went through to be with Ben in the end of book one, it was still pretty eventful and intriguing.

Also, shout out for a gender neutral side character that used alternative pronouns, which I really loved!

All in all, I thought the second part of the series was a great addition and built more on the world that Lyle came from.

Ben and Lyle definitely aren’t perfect, and both have their own problems and struggles, which for me is what makes them feel so real and makes their stories so interesting.

My rating:

The Lonely Merman – 5/5 stars

Lyle’s Story – 5/5 stars

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Less Than Three:

The Lonely Merman

Lyle’s Story

Landlocked Heart Volume 1 Print


The Lonely Merman

Lyle’s Story

Landlocked Heart Volume 1 Print