16 Ace Writers You Should Be Reading

It’s Asexual awareness week, so I’m bringing you a special post and Fiction Cove’s first ever list.

All of the writers on this list have works featuring characters on the ace/aro spectrum and many of them are OwnVoices as well! Some of their books are on sale, too, so be sure to pick them up!

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Ceillie Simkiss – https://twitter.com/CandidCeillie

Ceillie has two books for sale full of #acestories! LEARNING CURVES is an ownvoices panro ace f/lesbian f romance novella – https://amzn.to/2JbmfiP  GHOSTS OF HALLOWEEN is a followup short story collection – https://amzn.to/2Rb8GCM  

You can find more at http://ceilliesimkiss.com!

I know Ceillie from my writers’ slack and she is pretty awesome!


Cit Callahan – https://twitter.com/AuthorCCallahan

Cit’s novel Plastic Wings is a high fantasy, apocalyptic YA starring an ace protag, and in em short story collection Are We Human?, there’s a story with an ace love interest and two aro protags!



Claudie Arseneault – https://twitter.com/ClH2OArs

Claudie is grayro ace author. She maintains the asexual and aromantic characters in fiction (https://twitter.com/AroAceDB for links)

All her stories feature multiple ace characters!

BAKER THIEF is a Quebec-inspired fantasy with an aro bigender baker/demi detective qpr and CITY OF STRIFE is a epic fantasy with a large queer cast, crisscrossing storyline, elves and magic goodness. It’s only $0.99 for ace awareness week too! I bought it this morning and can’t wait to read it!

https://t.co/KqGsDK1TZQ – The Baker Thief

https://t.co/eZbpbdYqEt – City of Strife


Edwin Betancourt – https://twitter.com/EdwinBWriter

Edwin is a homoromantic asexual, or “gay ace”. Edwin’s upcoming novella is about a Male Witch who identifies as a Gay Ace as well. The book comes out on Halloween! I’m super excited for this one! You can request an ARC of it too if you’re interested!



Elyse Springer – https://twitter.com/ElyseSpringer

Elyse’s book THAW is an asexual romance featuring a biromatic asexual MC and a bisexual love interest!



E.S. Yu – https://twitter.com/aetherquill

E.S. Yu’s book Eidolon features an ace MC. When bioaugmentation giant Cyrex Corp sends Vax to assassinate journalist Zai Lumero, he thinks it’ll be a straightforward job. With his bioaugments, he’s never botched a job before. But when Vax unexpectedly fails his assignment, he finds himself on Cyrex’s hit list as well. See Goodreads for more!



J. Emery – https://twitter.com/mixeduppainter

If gender and sexuality questioning college students doing magic and maybe possibly blundering their way into dating is more your kind of thing… Check out Help Wanted! Help Wanted also includes wlw, ace, and aro characters, boys who occasionally turn into birds, FRIENDSHIP, and the introduction of Scully the ghost hamster.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FLPDC68  
Everywhere else: http://books2read.com/u/4NGxPY


Kara Jorgensen – https://twitter.com/AuthorKaraJ

Kara’s books The Earl of Brass and The Earl and the Artificer feature Eilian Sorrell, who is ace. Check out her website for more info!



Lauren Cohen – https://twitter.com/Crown_of_Ink 

Lauren Cohen is grayace and in the stages of querying a novel with an almost entirely ace main cast, which is amazing! You can support Lauren on Patreon!



Lynn E. O’Connacht – https://twitter.com/lynnoconnacht

Lynn is a demiro demisexual author and most of their fiction has ace characters. Sea Foam and Silence is a verse novel with two aces. Bernhard is aroace and Maris is demiro ace. It’s a retelling of The Little Mermaid and all-round queer fluff goodness. I’m always all for anything with merpeople and Little Mermaid retellings!


Lynn’s book And Among the Glimmering Flowers is a slow, cosy fantasy about a friendship that will one day be friends-to-lovers with an MG-aged demisexual protagonist.



May Barros – https://twitter.com/MayFPBarros

May has a cute short story with an aroace MC available on Gumroad!



Marie Blanchet –https://twitter.com/BLAM_Marie

Marie is an ace writer who has a fantasy novel with an aromantic main characters – and plenty of other queer characters to come in the sequels!




Michaela Grey – https://twitter.com/GreyMichaela

Michaela is demisexual, with two books about an ace protagonist and his allo love interest. Titles are Coffee Cake and Beignets. She also has a bunch more demi and ace protags but not published yet!



Nelia – https://twitter.com/NeilaK20

Nelia is alloromantic asexual and her novel The Facility features an alloromantic asexual lead as well as another ace (who’s aro ace) The book is available from Nine Star Press.


Nelia’s My cell phone novel By The Blade features an ace lead as well!



RoAnna Sylver – https://twitter.com/RoAnnaSylver

Almost everything of RoAnna’s has ace characters, especially hopeful dystopia superheroes (CHAMELEON MOON) and cute punk vampires (STAKE SAUCE) which are also 99 cents all week! Be sure to pick them up!

Chameleon Moon – https://t.co/wm5hTeqDUF

Stake Sauce – https://t.co/TQh1rrcwN9


Stephanie Rabig – https://twitter.com/stephrabig

Stephanie is an ace author, and one of the main characters in her polyam take-on-Snow-White book Winterbourne’s Daughter is also ace. This also seems amazing! Snow White retelling, sign me up!