Author Interview – J. Emery

September 11, 2018 AmaraLynn 0

I’m very excited to have my friend J. Emery for an author interview this week! J. Emery has published two stories this year, a short story called An Offering of Plums and a novella, Help Wanted, which I reviewed here. I highly recommend both stories! And now, to the questions! When did you […]

Author Interview – Kay Berrisford

April 9, 2018 AmaraLynn 0

Today I’m bringing you Fiction Cove’s first ever author interview! I’m super excited for that to be with the wonderful Kay Berrisford! Kay is the author of the Landlocked Heart series, The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate, and Bound for the Forest. I first found Kay’s work browsing pre-order titles […]