16 Ace Writers You Should Be Reading

October 24, 2018 AmaraLynn 1

It’s Asexual awareness week, so I’m bringing you a special post and Fiction Cove’s first ever list. All of the writers on this list have works featuring characters on the ace/aro spectrum and many of them are OwnVoices as well! Some of their books are on sale, too, so be […]

Character Interview – Em from Help Wanted

September 17, 2018 AmaraLynn 0

Today I’m interviewing Em, from J Emery’s novella Help Wanted! If you haven’t readĀ Help Wanted, it’s a novella set at a magical college, Ashveil Academy, and it’s a super cute with plenty of fluffy and awkward moments! Now, on to the questions! What is your favorite food, and why? I […]

Author Interview – J. Emery

September 11, 2018 AmaraLynn 0

I’m very excited to have my friend J. Emery for an author interview this week! J. Emery has published two stories this year, a short story called An Offering of Plums and a novella, Help Wanted, which I reviewed here. I highly recommend both stories! And now, to the questions! When did you […]

Review – Under the Midnight Sun by Lore Graham

July 30, 2018 AmaraLynn 1

Today I’m reviewing Under the Midnight Sun by Lore Graham. Blurb: The eldest son of Thunderhill’s warrior-kings, Otto Johanson lives for battle but has forsaken love since the death of his partner three years ago. Still when the Midsummer festivities bring nomadic reindeer herders back to town, Otto can’t help […]